Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to Maldives ?

Allegations of the existence of a new longer -owned Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing since early Saturday appeared from the testimony of residents in Dhaal Atoll , Maldives . The Daily Star Tuesday , contains the testimony of people who saw the plane flying low MH370 resembles the Maldives in the sky on Saturday morning .

The Star cited a report published by the Maldives Haveeru Daily , residents who obtain testimony about a plane above the Horse Huvadhoo , Maldives , on Saturday at 06:15 local time . International unit of time is GMT +5 Maldives .

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The witness described that the wide-bodied aircraft , issued a noise Like a jet plane , with the dominance of white and red stripes printed . The picture resembles a Malaysia Airlines aircraft display , including the Boeing 777 were missing .

The witness said the plane flying from the north to the southeast leads to the Maldives . Witnesses say how loud the sound of the plane as it passed over the island nation .

A witness said the aircraft door can be seen clearly . Information was confirmed by other witnesses . " Some people go out to see the source of the noise was incredible, " said the witness . Board Member Maldives , Mohamed Zaheem , say , more than one horse Huvadhoo reports of the same talk about it .

Haveeru also cites local aviation expert who said that the possibility of MH370 was flying over the Maldives . The expert is also the possibility of adding a plane flying very low over the island .

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Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia , Saturday morning after midnight , with the goal of Beijing , China . In less than two hours flight , the aircraft communication with the control tower disconnected . Not only voice communications , data communications also stopped .

As of Wednesday, 26 countries have involved the search aircraft with 239 people on board . The area under the two flight corridor into focus the search . Besides Malaysia , the search conducted by the United States , Indonesia , Bangladesh , India , China , Vietnam , Australia , and France .